Dreamy New Year 2014 Vision Board Workshop

We are absolutely PUMPED about 2014 after participating in the Dreamy New Year Workshop hosted by Toni McLellan Coaching.  It was a really fun exercise and it was perfect timing because it is a NEW YEAR, and we are eager to make this year even MO BETTA' than the last. Toni started off the workshop with a brief intro about herself and sharing her tried and true methods for setting goals. Then, she turned the tables on the group to share more about themselves. We went around in a circle, spilling our dreams and aspirations, as well as our personal struggles. It was inspiring and comforting to hear everyone share openly to complete strangers. At the end of the sharing, Toni brought us over to the tables filled with vision board goodies. She brought everything from magazines, scissors, decorating materials and glue.

Vision Board Set-Up2

We each grabbed a blank board and began to clip pictures or text that we wanted to paste to our vision boards. Toni encouraged us to choose a word and a color to start.

Toni McLellan

After a little while, we posed for a picture with our visions for our fresh New Year. Excited to see it unfold. :)

Completed Vision Boards