Cinco de Mayo is kinda sorta a special day for us because it marks our two year anniversary. We held our first class on the fifth of May in 2011. Anybody remember what we did? It was a Hatha Yoga class led by Tracy Walker. Where is Tracy today? She is the owner of Nurture Yoga & Massage in Richmond, IL. A lot has changed since first opening, and it has been a wild ride to say the least. Year one we spent a lot of time and money improving the original location at 231 Main St. We also made a ton of mistakes when it came to our business model, pricing and watching our expenses, but thankfully we were able to implement changes and have started to see some success. In October 2012, we had to move locations as the result of multiple floods. We were lucky enough that 124 Cass St was available because the new location seems to fill in the pieces that were lacking in our last place - visibility & ambiance. Cass street has a great view of the square and our store has ginormous south facing windows so you can just gaze out onto the park.

If you are familiar with Woodstock, you already know the square is a historic and vibrant place with a heartbeat all it's own. It's one of the reasons we fell in love with this city and wanted to plant our roots here - so we could spend more time in this community. One day, we hope to have multiple locations in as many beautiful, walkable cities as possible.

Thanks Woodstock for helping us find our path! :)