Opportunity is there for everyone.

Opportunity can be hard to spot, but it usually comes in the form of the universe opening doorways to help you deliver the creative ideas that come from within your heart. 

When the invitations to do this in the real world cross your path (sometimes with you knocking, but oftentimes without too), the mind instantly calls and asks the rules police first, whose only job is to fill your head with Debbie Downer-isms like "that'll never work out", "you'll probably fail", or worse, "who do you think you are?"

Maybe this is something that is programmed into us at a very young age and carries into adulthood, but the truth is we don't need anybody's permission to go after our dreams, except our own.

We encourage everyone to make their own way, to channel their creative ideas, and to bring them to life. Coincidentally, we know the perfect place, and it's ripe for people like you, who are eager to put their personal stamp in the world and create memories that will give everyone the warm fuzzies for years to come. 

Plenty of golden opportunities await you at Mixin Mingle. You can make connections while having fun at our Woodstock and McHenry locations. 

Special Announcements

The Sometimes Store & Artists' Gallery
We had so much fun becoming a store for a week, so we are doing it again! We will feature art and handmade from talented local people in our community, and we're even mixing in some fun workshops & make 'n takes. Check out our Woodstock location from Mon 8/21-Sat 8/26. Click here to see all the details on Facebook! Psst...GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: we have some weekdays open in Woodstock and McHenry for creative thinkers like YOU to make their own retail store, artist's gallery, or other fun whacky whatever...surprise us!

Pinch us, but our advertising partners at McHenry County Living are bringing TRUCKOFF WOODSTOCK to our town square and HOLY GUACAMOLE it's going to be good. To celebrate, we are creating a VIP Lounge complete with craft beers and beverages. We are working with a local favorite, Rendezvous Bistro, to bring this fun event to life, so get your tickets now...we guarantee it'll be a good time, besides sampling tasty brews and drinks, you'll go home with a cool party glass and t-shirt! 

OPEN Farmer's Market Saturdays in Woodstock!
We have a great retail storefront location on the Woodstock Square, which just so happens to be right across from an award winning Farmer's Market, so you can imagine it isn't very difficult to get people to wander in...talk about a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. We have Saturdays open in September and October and we're scratching our heads as to why they aren't booked?!? If you don't do it, we will! Call us at 815-308-5170, or send an e-mail to info@mixinmingle.com.

We're looking for a very special person(s) to help spread the word for us on Facebook, Instagram and the Interwebs (side gigs for now). Send an e-mail to info@mixinmingle.com, and let us know what you're good at.