HoneyCraft Market

HoneyCraft Market is here and gone again, and boy it was a day to remember. For starters, it was the first nice day on a Saturday in a while, which means that people were visiting the square in Woodstock, IL. They come to Woodstock from near and far (hear that Alabama?!?) to check out the award-winning Woodstock Farmer's Market, cute retail shops, historic buildings and surprisingly good places to eat. Lucky for us, we have a retail storefront on the square and people just wander on in at public events like the monthly HoneyCraft Market. At the July 6, 2013 show there was a Handmade Room, a Vintage Room, a Do-Bar and a Make-It Workshop. There was a lot of fun to be had in one day and the local businesses who participated in the event were happy with the turnout. See you at The Next HoneyCraft!


HoneyCraft Vintage Room