Mixin Mingle Logo

There aren't many great short names for a business, and it wasn't too easy to come up with a brand name that would cover everything we wanted to do at Mixin Mingle. We knew that our new store was going to be a social place that could be used by many people and groups in the community who wanted to explore, connect and party, etc., so we started to brainstorm names and nothing was available. Somehow the words "Mix" and "Mingle" kept coming to mind, and the idea of spelling something wrong occurred to us so we could get a good domain name for the business registration and website. That's how we came up with the word "Mixin" because it sounds like "Mix and", but it also sounds like "Mix in"--as in with a group of people. We liked that name so much and it was available. Only problem was that people said we may not want to use it because it sounded like a place for single people. It hasn't been too bad though and we find that we need to explain who we are anyways since our business is newer and started in Woodstock, IL...which is kind of a small town.

Once we settled on the name, it was time to design the logo. The mark is actually a mirror reflection of two small green "ems" flipped vertically. The design of the mark is significant to our brand because it connects similar pieces together. We also omitted the dots over the i's so they wouldn't distract from the words.