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McHenry County Magazine Article Featuring HoneyCraft Market at Mixin Mingle

About a month ago McHenry County Magazine contacted us with questions for a feature on HoneyCraft Market for their September 2013 issue. Well, today we got to see the online preview written by Olivia Morrissey, and we wanted to share it. Sometimes we worry that we aren't doing a good enough job communicating the message about who we are and why we exist, but Olivia got it and expressed it eloquently in her story, and we thank her. Pasted below is a portion of the article from the McHenry County Magazine Website.  

Hub Of Handmade art


Created: Sunday, September 1, 2013 12:32 a.m. CDT
Handmade necklaces, like this one designed by Jo Williams of Woodstock, are one of the items available for purchase at HoneyCraft Market in Woodstock. (Photo by Heather Nelson)

One of the Woodstock Square’s best kept secrets is just beyond a sidewalk littered with passersby toting shopping bags, past high picture windows dotted with colorful advertisements, and across the hall from a vacant toy store.

There lies a room, empty and quiet. The historic Square is home to the spacious room, dubbed Mixin Mingle by its owner, Nate Grindeland.

The airy space waits patiently for the next business meeting, mixer or social event to crowd its halls and bring people together. Its nondescript walls and open floor plan lend themselves to whatever event should happen to come through its doors.

And almost every month since November 2011, the space has transformed into HoneyCraft Market, a homemade craft and vintage market.

Like Harry Potter’s renowned Room of Requirement, the once-bare walls become lined with market vendors selling their wares to satisfy the needs of the budding creative community in McHenry County.

To read the full story, pick up the latest issue of McHenry County Magazine.
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