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Letterpress 101 with RAR RAR PRESS

Sunday May 26th, 2013 Nicole and I took a class at RAR RAR Press in Chicago.

We got to tour the studio and old letterpress equipment and we learned all the ins and outs of printing the old school way. It was such a fun experience and we both got to go home with some cool pre-printed cards.

Here's a picture of Nicole in the lobby at RAR RAR Press: RAR RAR PRESS Lobby










Here's a picture of the letters we picked for our sign: Mixin Mingle Get A Room








Here's a picture of the letters locked into place and ready for press: Mixin Mingle Sign










This is "George" - and he's at least 100 years old. Still kickin'! RAR RAR PRESS George Press








Here's a picture of the final product. Luckily the ink was green! Ready to go into the store! Mixin Mingle Get a Room Sign










We had a great time! :)