We like curious people.

It's becoming easier these days to spot them.

They are the go-to people in the community, have impeccable style, and appreciate the finer things in life. They immerse their senses with unique activities, music, food and drink. They have the low-down on the town's best kept secrets and feel good sharing what they love with others.

They never complain about being bored, because they're usually on the move (unless they're meditating).

To be taken curiously, one doesn't have to travel to Fiji or become a wine and cheese connoisseur, you just have take time out to explore. 

Woodstock alone is filled with some of the finest specialty shops and family-owned businesses, and there are very few places with as much charm. We are proud to reserve a storefront on our historic town square for curious minds to connect and explore.

This month marks a turning point as we endeavor to introduce new offerings and expand beyond our own gates. We look forward to watching the year unfold together.