Let's create nostalgia together.

It's hard to know for certain the true meaning of life, but one thing we're sure of is that we want to attract people who love having fun and creating experiences they feel good about.

Instead of being the venue of "no", we are the venue of "yes" because everyone should have access to an affordable, open space in a great location where almost anything's possible.

When we opened our first store on Cinco de Mayo nearly five years ago, we never expected it wouldn't succeed, but we didn't know how to make it work in the real world, and every month we were barely hanging on by only a flimsy thread.

Despite this, we overcame a series of personal, financial and professional
obstacles, and even though we aren't where we thought we "should" be by now, we're proud of how we've grown and still hope to expand to more towns when the time is right. (By the way, we're on the lookout, so drop us a line if you know of any great vacant retail spaces).

Want to know the cool part about living your dreams? When you put your best foot forward everything falls into place at the time it's supposed to, and when it's all said and done, you get a beautiful gift of nostalgia that warms your heart until the end of time.

~ Announcing our Friday $pecial~ 
We're almost sold completely out on most Saturdays and Sundays through June, so we're open to wheeling and dealing on any remaining Friday bookings.

~ It'll be BYOB for Public Events Effective May 1st ~
That's right, we don't even drink, so having a license to sell beer and wine at public events was a little ridiculous for us. Saturday's Art for the Paws Fundraiser will be the last call and we'll be offering great specials to finish the remaining inventory. Come have a drink with Leonardo Dicaprio (wink, wink).

~ New Couches ~
Our old couches just got partied out so we got some new ones. If anyone would like to take the old ones off our hands for free just let us know! We can arrange pickup as early as this weekend.

~ Personnel Updates ~
The owner has been taking a little hiatus to the land of the Hobbits and will welcome a new baby girl in the coming months. You may have noticed a new presence at the store. Her name is Melissa and she's keeping everything all organized and running smooth. We're excited she's joined us, we love her family, and can't wait to see where things go from here--welcome aboard Melissa!

~ We're Hiring~
Weekend helpers are needed part-time to staff parties and events. Click here for more info and to apply.

~Vote for Us for Best Birthday Party Venue for Best of the Fox~
We know some people who have thrown some pretty cool birthday parties here, so we think you should click here and write in Mixin Mingle as the Best Birthday Party Venue! (We really need our own category, but this will do).