Permission granted.

Have you ever called a place to book their venue only to find the list of things youcouldn't do was actually way longer then the list of things you could do? And minutes after the fun police racked up your bill you thought to yourself -- "maybe we'll just squeeze everybody in to our house so we can do what we want and save a bundle while we're at it." 

We get it. It really isn't fair. Rules, schmules.

That's why we made Mixin Mingle FUN, and we define that as Festive, Unique, and Near-to-your-heart.

What does fun consist of? Well…parties for one. But not just any party. One that you can plan without the long list of don'ts. We give you the space, and you have the freedom to bring your creative ideas to life. 

Parties aren’t the only thing to get the fun juices flowing. Mixin Mingle is home to a variety of events like fundraisers, mixers, and even pop-up markets that can cause a surge in happiness. Anyone can come to an event here, or you can host your own. (Pinky promise: both are guaranteed to deliver a huge amount of the “feel-goods.")

With the year zooming by and the calendar filling up quickly, don't forget to schedule in some fun time. Experiment with a new recipe, learn a new craft, or take time to do something humbling for yourself.

We’ve got your back.