Please join us for a very unique experience with Psychic Mediums Patty Horton & Lillian Suarez as they work together in synchronicity and channel Spirit for you during this very special event.

Patty & Lillian are both gifted Mediums whom are able to communicate with the Spirit World & they will share with the audience on this evening messages from the other side. They will stand side by side & combine their light as they shine brightly together yet independently of one another as they enlighten the audience from their own unique perspective.

On this evening they will connect your with your crossed over loved ones or spirit guides & teachers and deliver messages of love to you from those in the Spirit World.

Be a part of this very exciting one of a kind group reading & you may receive a channeled spirit message from these two dynamic Mediums at the same time. All you need to do is come with an opened mind & a loving heart & know that Spirit will take care of the rest. 
Patty & Lillian are both honored to have you join them as they share their gifts with you on this day. Don’t miss out on this opportunity so that you too can be a part of this magical evening.

Give yourself the gift of peace and closure as you receive Spirit Messages in this special two hour event.

Not everyone will be guaranteed a reading at this event, but please know that each of you will walk away with an experience that is sure to feed your body, mind and soul as Spirit will touch everyone in the room on this night.

$40 to attend. Register here.

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