Patty Horton of Inner Eye Connections hosts this one day workshop at Mixin Mingle that is open to the public.

Workshop Description:

You are invited to join Medium & Healer Patty Horton for this very unique guided group meditation as we journey inwards and meet with our crossed over loved ones for a Soul to Soul connection as we experience healing, forgiveness and most importantly love.

You will be guided into another dimension to meet with that person so that you can speak those words that you never had the chance to say, forgive a hurt between you both, to heal and release any regrets that you may be carrying within your soul or to just connect to the essence of love between you both once again.

This will be a very unique experience as it will be both healing and uplifting as it changes the energy and shifts your vibration. Through this mediation you will have the opportunity to see, feel and experience the essence of this person once again as love will be the vibration on which we travel. As you step in through the Magic Mirror this will be the doorway that will deliver you home as you get the chance to meet with those whom you miss and love on the other side.

To prepare for this opportunity please begin to open the doorway and welcome in those whom you wish to speak with on this day prior to the meditation. All that is asked of you is that you come into this group with an opened mind and a loving heart and be ready to receive a message from those in the spirit world. There will be a time for sharing your experience at the end of the session if you so choose or you can keep this sacred experience to yourself. With the help of her spirit guides and teachers, Patty will share with each of you their words of wisdom around your sacred journey on this day.

The gift of this journey will be the essence of love that will be carried within your heart and soul as your vibration changes through this soul to soul connection. This mediation will give you the opportunity to speak what is within your heart and share with that soul once again the love that connects you both.

Price to attend is $40

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