You’ve heard of those fun Paint n Sip’s?

Well how would you like to get together with some friends  to create beautiful textured clay pendants?

Bonus: These pendants are like fragrance sponges. They’ll hold the scent of Essential oils or perfumes for days!

Hosted by Elizabeth Jimenez-Bure, she has been teaching Elementary-High School art for 16 years, as well as yoga and wellness classes. She is a Mom, an artist, and a lifelong learner, and is always searching for ways to improve life and share her learning with others!

You’ll be using REAL earthenware clay, and Elizabeth will teach you how to roll them out on a textured mat, and then add initials, a stamp, a word...whatever you want!

You’ll be able to make as many as you’d like in our time together, and Elizabeth will fire them up to 1864 degrees in her kiln, paint them the color of your choice, and ship them back to you in time for Christmas!

These little beauties make wonderful, meaningful gifts that your friends and family will always treasure. And Elizabeth will make SURE that even the most unsure artists will walk away proud of their masterpieces! (She's been teaching art for 18 years. You’re in good hands.)

Elizabeth can even put copper, brass, or sterling findings on them and add a chain or cord, or send them back to you for you to add the finishing touches!

So call your friends and join us on Wednesday, December 9 for a fun, creative party!

You can bring your own coffee, or purchase libations on site! You might want to have your snacks before or after since your hands will be covered in clay!

Elizabeth will give everyone a little of my ultimate balm for post-clay hand moisturizing.

Want to see some examples of what you might make?

Check out Elizabeth's etsy shop here.

You’ll be able to make items like those, infused with YOUR personal flair.

And the more friends you bring, the better deal you all get! 

Spots are limited, so sign up soon to claim your spot!

Ticket prices include shipping costs for you to get your creations before 12-25!

Click here for more information and to register with Elizabeth on EventBrite.