If you’re at the crossroads in life, seeking spiritual guidance, or feeling overwhelmed, then join us for a Group Spiritual Forum with Jamie Kuhn, owner of Heavenly Sense.

Everyone in the audience will enjoy this group reading that will help you connect with the other side – loved ones, guides, animal totems, and your past/future self.

About Heavenly Sense

Trust, Believe & Have Faith!

Sometimes we need guidance and other times we just need confirmation we are on the right path.

Messages are sent from Heaven above to help us make sense of the signs in which we are being directed to guide us to our highest potential. We call this Heavenly Sense.

Jamie Kuhn uses Heavenly Sense as the basis for her guided messages.

She has worked as a professional spiritual consultant for more than 17 years, enabling clients to reach their greatest potential.

As a medium, she offers guided meditations, spiritual readings, Reiki healing and clairvoyant connections with loved ones, past and present.

For more information, explore the My Heavenly Sense website.

$25 per person.

This will be one of the last times that Jamie comes to town until March 2015, so don’t miss out!