• Mixin Mingle (map)
  • 124 Cass St
  • Woodstock, IL, 60098
  • United States

April 9th, 2015 from 7-9pm

Please join host Patty Horton of Inner Eye Connections for a very unique evening of Mediumship Demonstration as she opens herself up for those whom gather together and she invites you into her world for just a moment while she communicates with those in the Spirit World.

Patty is a gifted Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Healer whom works with the Spirit Guides and Teachers as this was a part of her formal training and conveys the messages for those whom she calls helpers in the Spirit World to give us insights in our life’s journey. She can also communicate with your crossed over loved ones as well and she asks you to view the visit of your loved ones as a gift for Patty’s specialty is working with the Master Guides and Teachers in the spirit world as she is known to tell you that they have much to say.

During your time together you will be participating in a guided group meditation along with a question and answer session. Patty will also be doing a couple of readings as part of this demo to help you understand her place within her gift of mediumship and hopes to help you know that a medium is a person who can communicate with those in the Spirit World and this includes our guides and teachers. 

April 9th, 2015 from 7-9pm. Price to attend $25.

Please visit Patty's website for more information and click here to see the event on Facebook.