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Psychic Tools of the Trade hosted by Medium Patty Horton
Monday January 8th from 7-8:30pm

We all have tools that we are drawn to use throughout our development as we go on a journey of self-discovery. Please know that it is the tools that you choose to use that will become the place card before those who choose to sit at your table.

This week you will dive deep into the use of tools i.e. the Tarot, Oracle Cards, the Pendulum, Dowsing Rods, the I-Ching and more. This is the week where you will learn to embrace the tools of your choice as you gain a deeper understanding of their place within your own lives and upon your chosen path.

You are invited to join Patty as she shares with you her years of expertise and opens you up to a brand-new perspective about the tools that you choose to use as you navigate an evolving pathway.

She will take you on a journey through guided mediation and tune you in on a deeper level of self-discovery. Guided mediation is one of Patty’s most treasured tools of the trade and it was through guided mediation that has assisted Patty throughout her own years of learning and self-discovery. 

This week please bring your own tools that you use in your own practices as the doorway of sharing and exploration is the theme of this evenings classroom. All levels are welcome to the circle as we all find common ground on which to stand upon. 

What you will need for Class:
• A Journal and a pen to write within
• Your own “Tools of the Trade”
• An open mind and a loving heart
• The ability to work in a classroom setting

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Patty Horton is the owner of Inner Eye Connections. Please visit her website for additional information and it's $25 to attend, so click here for tickets.