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  • 124 Cass Street
  • Woodstock, IL, 60098
  • United States

Inner Eye Connections is hosting up and coming Mediums, Psychics, Intuitives & Healers who have been sitting within their Psychic Development Circle for the past two years. These individuals have become well-seasoned and are taking this opportunity to spread their wings as they begin to do the work of their own soul’s destiny. 

Patty Horton
Teacher, Medium and Trance Channel will be doing 20 minute mediumship readings as she opens the doorway and reads you from a spiritual perspective. Her love of this work is felt by those who sit before her for a reading as she has humbly embraced her own place upon the path.

Bonnie W
Astrologer & Psychic Medium will be offering Tarot-Scope Readings where she will use her gift of Astrology during the reading to help you gain insight from a planetary perspective. Bonnie is my featured Astrologist who writes a column for my Newsletter and her expertise in the field becomes her partner in her mediumship.

Terri Ann
Intuitive Aura and Energy Consultant is she. This very talented lady works with you from a healing perspective as she tunes into the Auric Field around and about the body to assess energetic imbalances within the energy field. She will intuitively direct, redirect and adjust the imbalances to help optimize the energetic flow of life force energy within you. Sit with Terri Ann for a beautiful healing experience as she approaches her work from an energetic standpoint.

John LeFevre
Psychic Medium & Healer will be doing Soul Card Readings and using his gift of Mediumship to give you a clearer perspective about your life’s path. He is very talented and uses his gift along with his strong sense of intuition to help guide those who sit with him for a reading.

Eric Luczak
Life Coach and Intuitive Expert will be giving guidance from a coaching standpoint as he uses his gift and strong intuitive expertise to help guide you through your everyday life. Don’t forget to bring along your questions you would like answered.

Each practitioner will have their own individual pricing on this day and all services will be paid directly to them for each session of choice.

Please visit Inner Eye Connection's website and the event on Facebook for more information.