• Mixin MIngle Woodstock (map)
  • 124 Cass St
  • Woodstock IL 60098

We will begin, seated on a chair, with a meditation to shift our attention from the mind to the wisdom within ourselves. this will flow into scanning our bodies to increase our observation skills and refine our sensitivity to what we need in the moment. I will show you how to respond in a natural, unique way in order to relax, release and have fun.

Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps around every muscle, bone and organ of our body. Each fascial strand is filled with water and hydrates the body. When injured or stressed we develop patterns of movement that binds the fascia- dehydrating ourselves. When the fascia is stuck or frozen like this - it puts pressure upon the body and pulls on various structures making it hard to move freely and causing pain. With prolonged stretch and gentle pressure, it gets unstuck and starts to unwind, opening blood vessels, joints, muscles, organs thereby releasing and nourishing our bodies with blood and water flow.

So cool! Check it out.

Please bring a mat or a blanket or both as you may want to use the floor as well. For future classes you may also want to bring a small firm ball.