Hold on to your anticipation.

We hear it's going to be a stress-free ride.

We know that planning an event can have you falling face-first into your bed at night. But high five, you’ve made it this far! Now, let us make locking down the perfect venue an icing-layered cakewalk, so you can focus on the most important part: Looking forward to your event.

Here's how everything will go down:

  1. You’ll fall in love with Mixin Mingle and decide that you can’t throw your event without us. (What can we say? Our rooms know how to turn on the charm.)

  2. You’ll double-check the location's calendar to make sure your desired space, date, and time is wide open. Then you'll review our pricing to see all the extra moola you'll have to spend on other fun surprises for your shindig.

  3. You’ll fill out our quick online application. (Frothy drink and 80s music optional, but highly recommended.) Or, you can give us a call at 1-815-308-5170, and we can walk through your plans together.

  4. We’ll be in touch to set-up a time to show you the room and blow through the simple paperwork faster than you can say: “Party time, excellent!” We’ll take care of your reservation deposit, and will also require a refundable security and cleaning deposit for private parties just in case you decide to go all rockstar on us and break everything. 

  5. Take this room and flip it. You'll decide how you want to layout and decorate Mixin Mingle for your event. We’ll talk you through setup and teardown plans, and give you a helpful list of things to bring. (Still manage to forget something? Don’t worry! We’ve got an emergency supply on site to cover those easy mind-slips, like scissors.)

  6. If you’re planning a public event, let the buzz-building begin. We’ll feature you on our website, to our fans on e-mail and social media channels, and you can even put a flyer in our front window. With this kind of marketing support? You’ll be sharing mini kobe beef burgers with the A-listers in no time.

  7. Email and phone support to handle those questions that pop up. We’ve done this 100,000x before (rough estimate), so we’ve got a take-charge attitude and hands-on approach that’ll help keep your event on track to be a smashing success. With us, there’s no wham-bam-rent-me-ma’am approach. If you’ve got questions leading up to your big shindig (like how to play a slideshow on the TV), we’re here to help.  

  8. Time for the main event! Ta-da! Please stand by for guest gushing.